Our range of services reflects the knowledge and experience of the team - we do what we know how to do perfectly.

The basis of our business is the process of mergers and acquisitions. But we are not only interested in a technically clean process, we want to draw and understand the whole picture and thus provide our clients with valuable support in the areas in which these processes are embedded. Transactions are a result of prior strategic considerations and developments. They must be well planned, because the successful execution of a strategically wrong transaction decision can have devastating consequences. Just as important is the follow-up. In addition to integration, this also means creating clean structures that have become necessary as a result of the transaction. We are familiar with these challenges and are happy to accept them.

Acquisition of a Company

The purchase is the conclusion of a process that begins with the question of the general strategy - We provide professional support in preparation and implementation

The purchase of a company is the result of strategic considerations which form the starting point of our activities. The first step is to understand what the client's goals and ideas are. This is where we critically question and ensure that a target definition is developed that clearly reflects the interests and needs of the client.

The following presentation is intended to give a feeling for the complexity of the purchase process. We have been actively involved in a large number of company acquisitions in recent years and attach great importance to clean process management and preparation. Once you have taken a wrong turn, the negative consequences often only appear years later. Therefore, with our expertise and approach we make sure that such mistakes are avoided.

Mück in: Bergau, Torsten, 2015, Praxishandbuch Unternehmenskauf, Chapter 2, Fig. 2

Throughout the entire process, we ensure close coordination of all parties involved in order to achieve the highest possible benefit. One focus is the due diligence examination and the analysis of the resulting findings. We see it as our duty to classify these correctly and to advise our clients against a purchase.

Company Sale

Perfect preparation is the key to success - hand in hand with the client the best solution is achieved

There are many reasons why a company can be sold, and there are many different approaches to the sale. It is therefore important to understand the client's intention and to implement it clearly. This results in different approaches, especially when addressing potential interested parties. From our many years of experience, we know all the groups involved in such processes and know the different approaches we have to deal with. Just as in the case of a purchase, preparation is of decisive importance in the sale of a company. The main thing is to keep the reins of the sale process itself in your hands.

Mück in: Bergau, Torsten, 2015, Praxishandbuch Unternehmenskauf, Chapter 2, Fig. 3

In the course of the past years, we have successfully completed a wide variety of company sales and know the possible pitfalls. The emotional aspects should not be underestimated either, as the seller's price expectations for his life's work cannot always be reconciled with reality. We try to familiarize the seller with all possible facets at an early stage and to give him a realistic picture in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Business Development

The strategic orientation and its implementation - especially in medium-sized businesses often a topic that cannot be solved internally on its own

Nobody knows your company, the relevant markets, the most important competitors better than the entrepreneur himself! But what happens if the traditional field is to be expanded? We support our clients with all the experience from numerous M&A processes, market and competition analyses as well as the constant exchange within our network.

If, for example, they are planning a change in strategy or want to expand their value chain, we prepare the relevant markets and companies for our clients with the most modern research and are available as a competent and experienced partner. This enables them to get to know the new market and its participants as well as their own market. With this knowledge and regular updates, we are now well prepared to take the next steps, be it an acquisition or an own market entry or simply continue to wait and observe. In any case, our clients can make their decision on the basis of a first-class, up-to-date analysis.

Many medium-sized companies do not have the resources or the experience to actively accompany an M&A process in addition to their daily business. Here we keep the client's back free by looking after the process from the client's point of view. We know the right experts for the respective issue and can also manage them pragmatically in order to save valuable time and costs. Conversely, we support the external consultants by ensuring rapid feedback from the client.

Financial Management

Establishment of a functioning financial organisation to support the management - with our many years of experience we help with the development and do not leave you alone in the further implementation

Many companies have a problem in filling management positions in the financial sector:

You need - especially in the build-up phase - an experienced manager, but you cannot pay him. In special situations (e.g. IPO, restructuring, financing), internal special knowledge and experience is necessary over a certain period of time, which cannot be covered by consultants alone.

Here we offer the solution with our in-house financial management:

Similar to an interim manager, we take on the corresponding position in your company for a certain period of time. However, we become part of the company for this time, but at the same time we can access our network and back office in order to fulfil the tasks set as efficiently as possible. Since problems are often limited in time, this should be done by our experienced experts either on a pro rata basis or only over a defined period.

Your advantage: You have a proven expert at your disposal who is both active within the company and represents it externally. Due to the limited assignment time and concentration on the essential tasks, your budget will not be burdened more than with a much less experienced full-time employee.

We have exactly two main objectives in such tasks: Firstly, to solve the problem of content in the best possible way and, secondly, to stay on board only as long as absolutely necessary and to involve the existing personnel as much as possible. Finally, it should continue to run optimally without us as quickly as possible.

Restructuring / Reorganization

Especially in cases of restructuring, openness, trust and a sense of proportion are essential success factors for our activities

Reorganizations often require painful cutbacks to keep the entire company successfully alive - external experience without internal preload leads to optimal results

Similar to financial management, we act as a kind of interim manager during restructuring phases. However, there are some major differences to classic interim management: We are not fixed on the position, but solely on the task. For us, this means implementing jointly developed guidelines. These can lie in refinancing but also in difficult personnel decisions. Therefore it is important to always bring the employees on board as part of the team. They should understand the issues and accompany the solution. Because they will continue to work with these implemented solutions in the future.

Furthermore, it is important for us to have a balancing effect, especially in the area of a possible reduction in personnel, without neglecting the actual goal. If cutbacks are necessary, they must be implemented in the interest of the entire company. However, we also look at those employees who are no longer with the company and try to find solutions for this case as well, either through our network or within the framework of other external programs.

We always see such tasks as a holistic responsibility, i.e. the focus is not only on implementation but starts earlier and ends later. We want to understand our clients and accompany them successfully. Our goal is to make certain competencies available from outside for a short period of time, but also to build up these competencies within the company at the same time.

Family Office

Our common understanding and entrepreneurial experience make us a competent partner for family-run companies

One focus of our activities is the provision of advice to family-run companies and family offices. These are companies that are characterized by many characteristics that are also of decisive importance at MMP: Responsibility, reliability, trust, continuity and decisiveness.

We know and understand the particularities and concerns of this group of entrepreneurs to a very special degree and are in regular contact with a large number of family offices and family businesses. This enables us to provide competent support with our range of services in many decision-making situations. This applies to the acquisition or sale of companies as well as to specific financial issues where a second opinion or efficient support is desired.

An exchange about the current strategy is just as much in demand here as advice on personnel selection, as well as support during the induction of new managers. In individual cases, our involvement is also linked to a long-term advisory board or board of directors mandate with these family businesses.