About MMP

Experience and competence are the basis - A
feeling for the client's situation is the key to success

Through our varied experience both in consulting and in various management positions with international groups and financial service providers, we have got to know both sides. We combine experience and knowledge with pragmatic implementation strength. Based on this background and the self-conception that led us to found MMP, it is our goal to provide you with optimal support for your questions. In doing so, your company is the focus of our attention and therefore a structuring or transaction design exclusively geared to this.

The resulting unique selling propositions offer you an optimal security for your business success:

We are independent entrepreneurs

We also manage a company and are familiar with the entrepreneurial way of thinking and options for action. We are not bound to any group or corporate constraints, but act on our own responsibility and are focused exclusively on the benefit of our clients. We strive for a long-term and trusting partnership with our clients.

We know the markets and market participants

Thanks to our many years of experience, our resilient and far-reaching networks and the presence and positioning of our company, we have access to private investors and family offices, know the requirements and characteristics of investors and buyers and can therefore respond to both professional and personal needs. This allows us to speak and understand the language of our clients and negotiating partners.

MMP Advisory Board Arno Bohn on the importance of corporate culture

Our values

Our values are the ethical compass of our company and form the cornerstones of our daily actions. We live our values in the interests of our clients and in our dealings with one another.

By focusing clearly and uncompromisingly on the success of our clients and their needs, our thoughts and actions are aligned with the cornerstones of our values. We think long-term and look beyond the horizon. Our ultimate goal is a trusting and successful cooperation over a longer period of time. In order to be a reliable partner for our clients, we live our values in terms of a sustainable relationship.

MMP Values


We stand for a successful implementation of our concepts and ideas. We want to deliver measurable results that contribute directly to the success of the company. We link our remuneration to the success for your company


We concentrate on the essentials: Your business success.
This is the only focus of our actions, without useless theoretical concepts.
We stand for successful implementation


We uncompromisingly seek the best solution and are not satisfied with mediocrity. We are not subject to any corporate constraints, but make our decisions solely in the interests of our clients


We only do what we can do and do it right. In the run-up to the project, we examine the questions posed to us very carefully and give a clear assessment of the probability of success. It is in our mutual interest not to accept a job if we have the feeling that we are not the right partners or that the task cannot be solved in the given form.