family offices:
Are family offices better investors for a family business than financial investors, Dr. Jakob?

29 September 2021

For many family businesses, family offices - usually single family offices representing the assets of an entrepreneurial family - are a very good alternative when it comes to taking on an external investor. The advantages include the long-term nature of the commitment, often without any exit orientation, manageable German contracts and return requirements that seem realistic to an entrepreneur. In addition, minority investments are often made. This suits many family entrepreneurs very well.

Family entrepreneurs appreciate the opportunity to speak at eye level with the entrepreneur or representatives of the entrepreneurial family that is offering itself as an investor. This can be very helpful on the way to an investment, but also over the course of time of an investment taken.

Each case is individual. Sometimes family offices and financial investors hardly differ. Some family offices act like an Anglo-Saxon financial investor. As at many milestones in a life, the following applies: Eyes open when choosing a partner.

However, it can be assumed that the trend of family offices taking direct stakes will continue and even increase. This offers many opportunities for SMEs.