Company sale in uncertain times:
Seizing opportunities despite the crisis

15 April 2020

The global corona crisis will lead to a far-reaching rethink of the strategies of many companies. Above all, supply chains will be examined in detail in the future in order to avoid supra-regional dependencies as far as possible. But for some companies, this challenge will no longer be easy to meet, as their financial resources will be exhausted. In addition, the crisis alone has not fundamentally changed the personal life planning of many entrepreneurs. Already due to their advanced age, company owners are desperately looking for suitable successors. In short, it is foreseeable that the M&A market will see some changes in the coming months.

On the buyer's side, there are still enough financial investors sitting on bulging coffers, hoping to get a bargain right now. And here is also the chance for all those who want to sell their company now: There are enough buyers! However, in this phase it is all the more important to set up a really professional sales process in order to attract as many interested parties as possible to the company. This is the only way to reduce dependence on a few interested parties - especially in these times of still pronounced price pressure.

I always emphasize the importance of a clearly structured and professionally executed sales process, but never before has this been as important as in the current crisis. In the film interview, I explain in detail the various stages of such a process and the key success factors. In addition to technical skills, sound experience and a large network also play an essential role in leading the sales process to a successful conclusion for the seller, even in these difficult times. I am available for an exchange of ideas on this topic. Talk to me!