MMP Expert Blog:
Is the paradisiacal working world now beginning for employees, thanks to the home office, Dr. Föller?

28 April 2021

To understand the ultimate consequence of this development, we should consider the fate of bakers. 30 years ago a wonderful livelihood with the disadvantage of having to get up at 3am. Then came the frozen doughs from Eastern Europe and the sight baking ovens. The baker could now get up at 7am and make the same. That was paradise.

And a few years later, the discounters discovered that they could also source frozen dough and also set up sight baking ovens. That sealed the fate of the bakers.

That's what will happen with the current trend: Yes, no employer will be able to survive today without a massive home office offering, and yes, the home office initially leads to efficiency benefits that give employees not only flexibility but also more free time.

But: the home office removes geographical boundaries. Thus, any job in the future will be competing with offshore low-wage countries. In the end, many who are happy about the home office today may regret this development very much in a few years.