Change of perspective now:
Decision options for medium-sized companies in the crisis

10 June 2020

In times of crisis, companies often tend to exaggerate: While some react to the pressure situation in a rush and almost panic, others are put into a paralyzing state of shock and hardly show themselves capable of making decisions. The best way, as so often, lies in the middle: keep a cool head and actively set the course for the future. And above all: allow to leave well-worn paths.

That is why I encourage our clients, especially in times of crisis such as these, to do one of the most important exercises of all: the change of perspective. What was unthinkable in the past may now be a sensible option from the perspective of a sudden business slump.

For example the admission of a new shareholder. This not only strengthens the equity capital but will also bring new entrepreneurial impulses and often even completely new customer groups.

However, it is crucial for success to prepare the ground for this change of course on the basis of a sound strategy and precise data. A change of perspective helps here as well: What does a new shareholder want to know about the company? What are the goals he is pursuing with his entry? My experience has shown that by dovetailing both internal resources and external consultants, the best prerequisite for achieving a calculably successful result is given. Elements such as strategic planning, taxes, legal, human resources, marketing and process control are like links in a chain, which all together have to withstand the heavy burden of such a process.

Which change of perspective could open a new door for your company?