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"Respect and decency in dealing with each other shape our actions, whether with clients, partners, or in general daily contact. We will stick to that!"

There is no company without values – or without claiming to have them. Our experience in large companies and the handling of values in many companies in reality were one of the main reasons for us to to found MMP. Our values are the basis of our actions and of our dealings with our clients: We live our values in the interest of our clients.


We believe in our approach and concepts, and our goal is to provide you with strategies directly improving your company’s success. Consequently, we link our fees to your success.


We work with internal and external specialists who act our values and thus ensure that your concerns get the best solutions available on the market.


We concentrate on the most important task: your company’s success! We achieve this without futile theories but with a high focus on appropriate actions.


We stand for integrity and remain in the background. All information gained from our clients are strictly confidential and used exclusively to advise them on their respective problems.