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What we do

"At MMP entrepreneurs work for entrepreneurs."
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Due to our multifaceted experience in consulting as well as in leading positions of international companies and financial service providers, we know both sides of the area of finance.

Based on that we combine experience and knowledge with pragmatic implementation.

Our goal is to provide you with optimal assistance for all your problems, an objective which led to the founding of MMP as a consultancy which focuses on your company and its needs in structuring and transaction.

This results in unique selling points which will give you an optimum safety for your business success:


We are independent entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs we are familiar with entrepreneurial thinking and acting. We are not part of any group or affiliated company. Therefore, we act independently and are solely interested in our clients benefits. Our central ambition is to establish a long-term and trustful partnership with our clients.


We know the market and its participants

Due to the long time experience of the team, the resilient and far reaching network as well as the presence and positioning of our company we have access to a high number of private investors and family offices. We also know the requirements and characteristics of the investors and buyers which put us into the position to respond to your professional and personal needs. This allows us to understand and speak the language of our clients and negotiating partners.


We have international experience

For the last couple of years we advised and supported our clients not only in Switzerland and Germany but acted also successful in the U.S., Spain, Austria, the UK, Russia and Denmark.

Mergers & Acquisitions

An acquisition as well as a sale of a corporation is a very complex process which needs highly experienced and competent partners with a long-term proven network. Over many years, all team members of MMP have an extraordinary track record as reliable partner in several successful transactions. Starting with the strategic definition till the final successful integration we will lead you through the whole M&A process. All our business lines and products have significant interfaces to this process which will result in additional knowledge transfer to the benefit of the client.

The following illustrations of a buy- and sell- side process should give you a brief overview of the complexity of such an M&A processOne particular concern of us is, to put a strong focus on the first part of this process. This is because all decisions taken in that phase will have significant influence on all further steps. Aside from that, an optimal preparation and setting from the very first beginning is essential for a straight and fast deal process. Very often speed is one of the main crucial success factors.

Buy-side process overview

Sell-side process overview

Restructuring / Recapitalization

As restructuring can occur in all phases of a company, recapitalization of crises is a unique situation which demands extraordinary requirements of all parties involved. In both areas we implement all necessary steps based on expert opinions in a consequent and pragmatic way.

We have a clear focus to include all employees in this extraordinary process to get an understanding of the needs and receive the best results. Even if a reduction of employees sometimes is one of the consequences we try to handle these personal issues as sensitive as possible. Nevertheless at the ned we have to ensure the succesful future of the whole company.

In-house Finance Consulting

Staffing of top management positions in the financial sector is a problem for many companies:

  • Especially in the early stage of a company an experienced manager is needed – who in general cannot be afforded.
  • In special situations (e.g. IPO, restructuring) in-house expert knowledge and experience is needed for a specific amount of time, which cannot be covered only by consultants.

With our In-house Finance Consulting we are able to offer the perfect solution:

Similar to an interim manager – we take over the corresponding position in yourbusiness. During this time we become not only part of your company but in addition will access our network and back office simultaniously in order to fulfill the tasks as efficient as possible. Such temporary issues can be solved by our experienced experts either partially or for a defined period of time.

Your advantage: You have a designated expert with long-time experience who is effectively working in your company and represents it externally. Furthermore, the limited use of time and the highly effective concentration on the essential tasks willlimit your budget pressure in comparison with a less-experienced full-time employee.

Outsourcing Business Development

Nobody knows your business, the relevant markets and the main competitors better than yourself! But what happens if you want to expand your traditional business areas?

We support you with our numerous experiences of M&A processes, market and competitive analysis as well as constant knowledge transfer within our network.

If you plan for example a strategy change or an expansion of your supply chain, we will be your trustful partner to prepare the relevant markets and businesses in detail with the help of the latest research methods and databanks.

We will bring you into the situation to understand the new market and its participantsas well as your own market. With this knowledge and the regular updates, you will be well prepared to manage the next steps successfully, either an acquisition, a new market entry or just a market monitoring. In any case, you can make your decisionbased on a perfectly prepared up-to date analysis.